Granting Wishes

So, in the past few months, I've been really focused on my YouTube channel. I've been posting every Wednesday and Sunday for a good while now, and it's finally starting to pay off! In the last 2-3 months, my channel has grown from around 500 subscribers to 1142 as I'm writing this. As a part of this, I've been getting more comments, more views and some requests too. Especially when it comes to my hauls from Wish. 

If you don't know, Wish is an app and a website kind of like eBay. There is no bidding - at least that I've seen - but most of it is really cheap. Also unlike eBay, I've still not found an item with free shipping, but either way, Wish has become very popular. So far I've done 3 hauls from the app, and they're some of my most popular videos - seemingly because I buy plus size clothes from there, and as they mostly ship from China, a lot of people have been curious about the sizes.

This jacket is one of my latest and favourite finds. It is a knock-off from The North Face, but I have no idea what collection. It's amazing though, I love it! I had to get a men's XXL, so the sizes do run a little small.

I have gotten several other pieces of clothing and accessories, like this Pentagram harness:

This "Normal People Scare Me" tee,

My backpack is from AliExpress. It's a Michael Kors knock-off with no logo. I don't want people to think that it's real leather.

Both these pillow cases are bought online, Stitch from eBay and Pikachu from Wish.

Shoes from Wish and fishnet socks with bows from eBay.

You get the point I'm sure, I've gotten a lot of things I love from eBay and Wish in the past. And now I'm looking for more! Many of the requests I get are to buy more clothes from Wish, so if you have any good finds, don't hesitate to let me know! I will also leave my three Wish hauls in the bottom of the post if you want to see them. Warning: they're long! Like 30 minutes-long.

Meanwhile, I'm just scrolling through, looking for things to buy. Even though I have gotten a lot of good things, I have also gotten crap, so I'm always a skeptic. At the moment I'm looking for more fall-wear and office wear. As I've mentioned before I have a slight dresscode at work now, which makes me have to look decent for work - definitively a good thing btw!

Enough rambling for now though - let me know if you want me to post my new hauls too when I do them!

Wish Haul #1 is under 15 minutes! Both #2 and #3 is about 30. Don't say I didn't warn you haha!


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Ingrid Kristine

13.10.2017 kl.00:01

h herre min hatt! Den jakka med verdenskartet p var bare rkul! M f tak i den selv, den var skikkelig Smashing med stor S!

Flotte hauls btw!

Chrisbeeblack // Christine

12.11.2017 kl.20:53

Ingrid Kristine: Takk takk! Elsker den. Gleder meg til vren og jeg kan dra den frem fra skapet igjen =D

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